My name is Alexandra, founder of I Know My Worth™ – specifically tailored for your personal and professional development.  I Know My Worth™ is all about you – from building your self-esteem on a personal level to gaining confidence in speaking publicly.

I’M HERE TO BREAK BARRIERS – your neighborhood confidant.  I give you the tools necessary to break through your insecurities to understand and LOVE your worth.  This is a judgement free space, and I’m here to listen to your needs.  We’ll work up a plan together – whether it’s a single service or multiple workshops!

If you’re located in the sunny Orlando, Florida, let’s grab a bite and chat!  If not, let’s have coffee over Skype. 🙂

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Well I can honestly say I shouldn’t have waited as long as I did to hire Alexandra!! She has been nothing but hands-on, dedicated, creative and patient in making sure she would describe & understand my career goals. She gave me great pointers in how to boost my confidence in getting back to the job market as a passive job seeker. What’s even more impressive is that she continues to follow up with me to see how my search is doing and happy to lend additional suggestions!

I highly recommend Alexandra and would suggest anyone who is looking to make a change or simply boost up their resume. I had my resume/profile updated just 2 weeks and I received 3 calls for interviews! Results speak louder than any recommendation 🙂

Farnaz A.

I needed help with my resume and cover letter and Alexandra was incredibly responsive and attentive to all my needs. Looking for a job or changing careers is difficult enough on your own, reach out to Alexandra for help! I would recommend this service to anyone regardless of the amount of assistance you think you need! You won’t regret it!

Cat C.

Great to work with and will work with again in the future.

Omar A.

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